How to Reopen Orders

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How to Re-Open Orders

Sometimes changes to an order are necessary. Here are the steps on how to reopen a closed order.


Step 1:

Once a change (void, comp, refund, etc)  has been requested by a customer, you must first pull up the closed check in question. To do this simply go to the Suites Home Page, find the order, and select .


Step 2:
Once you have selected the Details button, you will be given the option to Re-Open Order or View Receipt.


Step 3:

Select the button. Here you will be brought to the Authorized Code page--this requires your manager to input their Authorization Code to Re-Open the check.


Step 4:

Once this has been completed, your check will be reopened and shown on the Suites Home Page. Note that the  has now reverted to say .


If you click  on this re-opened order, you will now see the follow options:

Option 1:

ADD A SERVICE ROUND -- To add more to a reopened check click here, and add items by following the steps outlined in the DOE Order guide.


Option 2:

CLOSE ORDER -- Follow the prompts associated with the payment type the customer has requested. Please reference our Closing Orders article for more assistance on closing checks.



Option 3:
To remove items, adjust pricing, print checks, combine/split orders and more, please reference button.


From there please follow the workflow outlined and provided in the following guides:



Adjusting Price

Printing Checks

Combining Orders

Splitting Orders

Adding A Service Round

Closing Orders

Transferring Customers




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