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Finding a Customer the Suites Manager App (SMA)

This guide will provide the steps to take in how to find active customers within SMA.


Step 1:
After signing into the SMA, you will be brought to the Events page (seen below). Select
 at the top left of the screen.




Step 2:

Select  in the corresponding menu (see below).







Step 3:

Here, you will see a list of all customers with an active suite in OMS at your venue (listed in alphabetical order). If a customer is not listed on this page that means they are not active within OMS. Reach out to your Premium Specialist if needed to re-activate.





Step 4:
To view a customer’s base preferences (those provided to the Premium Specialist and entered in OMS) click on that customer’s name.

The base preferences for that selected customer will populate to view on the right hand side. Again, these preferences are not available to be edited here as these are the base preferences that the customer has requested and in OMS. To change a customer’s preferences for a specific event, please refer to the
Editing Customer Preferences guide.





Step 5:

To exit out of a customer’s base preferences, simply click on the black “x” in the top right-hand corner to be brought back to the full active customer list.


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