Adding Customers to Suites

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Adding Customers to Suites

This guide will provide the steps necessary to add a customer to a suite who doesn’t have a pre-order placed during an event.


Step 1:

Select the + symbol in the top right corner.


Step 2:

Select the Suite that you want to add a customer to. In this example the Suite selected is “Suite 102”; then select the green “Next” button.


Step 3:

Select the customer you want to add to the suite. In this example, the customer is “Anonymous” and they are being added to “Suite 102”. Then select the green “Add Customer” button.


NOTE: Only use the “Anonymous” customer if a guest would like to place an order that is not active within the system. If a customer already has a profile created, reach out to your Suites Manager for assistance.


Step 4:

After adding the customer the page will load the home page again, where you can verify the customer was successfully added by scrolling down to the suite name on the orders home-screen. Here you can see that “Suite 102” now has “Anonymous” next to the name.


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