How To Locate Menu Items

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How to Locate Menu Items


Option 1: Once in the desired menu, the user can select the different categories at the top of the screen to be dropped into that section of the menu.



Each category is color coded and will be reflected in the color of the category at the tope of the screen when selected, and in the color of each menu button. Use the arrow buttons at the top to scroll left and right.


Option 2: At the top of the screen select the magnify glass to enter the Quick Search feature within the selected menu.


Once selected, a search field will populate, and a keyboard will appear upon selecting that text field.



As you are typing in the desired item, the system will highlight and bring the user to the entered item(s). The screen will jump to the item(s) that match the name entered. If more than 1 result was found, use the up and down arrows to move between these search results.




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