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How to Adjust an Item Price

This article will teach you how to adjust item pricing if approved by a manager.


Step 1:

On the Suites Home Page identify the order you wish to adjust, and select .


Step 2:

Once you have selected tap on . This will take you to the options menu, and from here you will tap .



Step 3:

Select the item from the list that you wish to adjust and tap on the number to adjust pricing using the following workflow.


NOTE: The system does not allow for individual items to be adjusted. For example, if a guest ordered 10 brats, all 10 brats will be adjusted



A keypad will populate with the current price. Using the keypad, enter the new amount that this item should be.



Once you have confirmed your adjustment on the keypad, the order will update with the new pricing highlighted in green. After the updated check has been reviewed, tap on



Step 4:

Once you have adjusted the pricing, tap on  where it will bring you to the Approval Code page. In order for pricing to be adjusted, a manager must enter their code to finalize the changes.

Once the code has been entered, select  and a notification will populate on the bottom left of the POS screen indicating the adjusted pricing has been updated successfully.

Step 5:

The page will refresh and bring you back to the Order Details page. Here confirm that the new price successfully updated on the order.


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