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How to Split Orders (By Item or $ Amount)


Step 1:

Click on “Details” for the order you wish to split. In the following example, we will be looking at Order #850806 for customer “CC Test Customer 10” in Suite 10.


Step 2:

Once in the Order Details page, click on the “More Options” button at the bottom.


Step 3:

Once in the “More Options” page, select the “Split Order” button.


Step 4:

Once in the “Split Order” page, select “BY $ AMOUNT”

Step 4A - BY $ AMOUNT Split:

To split an order by a dollar amount, follow Steps 1-4 above. Once you reach Step 4, select “BY $ AMOUNT”.



Step 4B:

Once the requested amount has been entered, click the CONFIRM button that is now green.



Step 4C:

The page will return to the Split Order page where you will select to either Keep Tab Open, or Pay Now. When an order is split by a dollar amount, please note that each item will now show a fraction of the original quantity to the left of the individual items.


To follow the Pay Now workflow, please see the Closing Orders guide

If the incorrect amount was selected, click the Edit button which will bring you back to the pin pad to re-enter the correct amount.



Step 4D:

In this example, the Keep Tab Open was selected. The page will bring you to the Start New Tab page where you will select the requested payment method.



Step 4E:

Once the payment method has been selected, you will receive a “success” notification in the bottom left screen indicating that the split was successful. The page will now refresh and bring you back to the Order Details page. Here you will notice the newly assigned Order Number indicating that this was a split off the original order.



When splitting an order by a dollar amount, the newly calculated quantity for each item will be reflected on all screens, as well as receipts, moving forward.


Step 5:

To finish closing this order, select the Close Order button on the Order Details page.


Step 6:

Confirm the payment method to be used for this order.



Step 7:

To continue closing out this order, select Review & Sign Screen. To print a hard copy of the check for the guest to view and sign, see Step 6 of the Closing Orders guide,


Step 8:

Once on the Review & Sign Screen, look over and confirm accuracy.


IF the split was BY ITEM - confirm that the correct items are showing.


IF the split was BY $ AMOUNT (example below) - confirm that the correct total is reflected.


Once the split order has been confirmed, select the green Proceed to Signature button.



Step 9:

Once you have reached the signature page, you will notice that there is no gratuity option. If a customer has a default gratuity, the gratuity will only be allowed to be added to the original order - not the split order. Once signed, select the Done button at the bottom.



Step 10:

Once the receipt page populates, enter the email address to send or Print Receipt to provide a hard copy to the guest.



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