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How to Combine Existing Orders


This tutorial will teach you how to combine existing orders. When combining orders, please note that you will only be able to combine orders that are listed under the same customer and the same suite.


Step 1:

Click on details:


Step 2:

 Click on combine orders:


Step 3: 

Select the other order you want to combine with the existing order (please note that only two orders can be combined at one time):


Step 4: 

Click on the green button Combine Orders


If the guest would like to keep the newly combined order open, select the gray “x” in the upper right-hand corner once successfully combined to be brought back to the Suites Home Page.


Step 5:
Once the orders have successfully combined, you will be brought back to the main Orders pages and a “Success” notification will appear in the lower right corner.


Step 6:

 If you wish to close the order, click Close Order and follow the guide on How to Close Orders.






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