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How to Place a DOE Order

Upon logging in and selecting the correct event, wait for the notification at the top of the screen that states, “All orders in sync.”.



Find the desired suite and customer and select the “New Order” button.


This will bring up the DOE menu screen -- menus can be toggled by using the drop-down option on the top left-hand side of your menu.




The default menu that will populate upon starting a new order will be the Day of Event menu.




Select the requested items, and using the pop-up windows, make any modifications to these items. For example, if Seasonal Fresh Fruit were requested, select the “+” on the item button. This will pop-up a window to select the number of orders requested, as well as enter any special notes about this item.



If an item is sold per person, and there is a minimum order that would need to be placed, that minimum will automatically populate when selected.

In the example below, the minimum order that can be placed for Chicken Fingers is 6; therefore the system will not allow the user to go below that minimum order.



If an item was added to the cart, but is no longer requested (or added by mistake), simply hit the gray “x” next to the item that should be removed from the cart.



Once all requested items have been selected and added to the tab, select “Start Tab” or “Pay Now”.



Start Tab = Will require the guest to provide a credit card (or saved payment method) but will keep the order open.

Pay Now = Will require the guest to provide a credit card (unless they provided a saved payment method) but will close the order.


After selecting the desired option, follow the on-screen prompts to process the order. When starting a tab to leave the order open, select the correct payment method that is available.

When starting a new order and closing out the check, make sure to review the order, adjust as needed, and then select the correct payment method that is available.


To complete the order, continue to follow the prompts and refer to the guide on How to Close Orders.

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