How To Set Up a Star Micronics Printer In Canopy

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How To Set Up a Star Micronics Printers

This article will instruct you on how to set up Star Micronics printers. Prior to completing these steps, we recommend that you complete the pairing process outlined here.


Step 1:

Open Canopy and go to F&B > Xpedite Devices


Step 2:

Select This will be where all the venue’s existing Xpedite printers are located. To add a new printer, select located at the top right-hand corner of the page.



Step 3:

To add a Star Micronics Printer, select as your printer and as the connection.


Step 4:

Add the Bluetooth address, this can be found by accessing the iPad’s settings and looking at the Bluetooth settings. The device name will appear as “Star Micronics” or "TSP100-XXXX", depending on the model. If the name is "TSP100-XXXX", you need only input "TSP100" into Canopy. If you haven't previously paired your printer with your iPad, you can find the instructions to do so here.

 Input the device name in the address section as shown in the example below

Step 5:

Now that you have added your printer, you have two options for order printing. 

  1. Enable the printer to print all items for every order. This option requires less configuration and automates the printing of any new menu items added in the future. To configure this option, follow this article: Adding a Tablet Printer in Canopy
  2. Enable print routing. This option allows you to set items to print to specific printers (i.e beverages to the bar, food to the kitchen). but requires more menu configuration and maintenance moving forward. To configure this option, follow this article: Production Lines & Routing Groups


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