Setting Up Production Lines & Routing Groups

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Setting Up Production Lines & Routing Groups


Once your Epson printers have been set up, if you wish to specific route menu items to specific printers within a location (i.e. Hot Line, Cold Line, Bar, EXPO) follow the steps below;

*Production lines and routing groups are not compatible with Star Micronics Bluetooth Printers

**Do not link printers directly to tablets when using Production Lines/Routing Groups

Step 1:

Go to F&B > Xpedite Devices > Production Lines



Step 2:

In Production lines, selectto create a new production line

Step 3:

Input the Name of the Production Line & Assign it to the menu location that it will live in. NOTE: Please make sure it is easy to identify which production line belongs to which printer/location you wish to have items routed.



Step 4:

Once the production line has been created, click on the line that requires set up -- A box will populate on the right-hand side of the screen. Select to add printers to the production group. (If there are no printers added to the production group the routed items will not print)

Step 5:

You can turn a production line available by toggling the Availability twitch on/off via the Details section or on the main page as shown above.

To attach the printers to the production line, scroll down to the printer section of the production line section and add the printers you wish to attach. **Do not use one production line across multiple menu locations.


Step 6:

Once you have set up your production line, you will need to add your routing group by selecting once you have selected input your Routing Group name and location that the item will be printing from.

EXAMPLE: Printing to a HOT LINE & BAR PRINTER = needs two routing groups created.


Step 6 (a): 

Once the Routing Group has been created, go to Xpedite Devices, and click on the Routing Group.



Step 6 (b): 

Click on View Details


Step 6 (c): 

If you have more than one Routing Group, you will need to assign a number to the Routing ID that is unique and not used with other Routing Groups.



Step 7:

Once you have created your routing Group you will need to Navigate to F&B Locations on the main menu and select the location menu that you wish to adjust printing


Step 8:

Once you are in the menu Scroll Right, you will see a widget in the “Print Settings ” Column..       

This must be updated for each item that you wish to print and update the printer settings for the printer you wish the item to print to.

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