How to Create a Reoccurring Third Party Vendor/Subcontractor Report

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Description: This article will assist you in leveraging the RvC Items and Orders report for your Third Party Vendors/Subcontractors.


Scheduling a Delivery

Reports can be scheduled and sent to a destination you define at a time you prefer, all controlled within DataNow. You can configure this report to send key KPI information to your venue’s Subcontractors. Below is how you can configure a Weekly Sales report for a Subcontractor:

  1. Select the RvC Items and Orders tab.
  2. In the Filters section, select the Locations your specific Subcontractor runs at the venue.
    1. Download the Stand Directory tile in the Item Config tab and simply copy and paste the Location names from an excel doc to make this process faster and easier.
  3. Set the Calendar date filter to “is in the last 1 complete week”.
  4. Select the three vertical dot button in the top right corner and choose Schedule Delivery.
  5. Configure your Settings page to look similar to what’s pictured to the right. Be sure to change format to CSV zip file.
  6. Ensure that the filters are set accordingly. These should still be set to what was configured in steps 2 and 3.
  7. In the Advanced options tab you can type out a custom message to be sent with your data. “Please see attached your previous week’s sales figures.”
  8. Click save.
  9. Repeat these same steps if needed for another Subcontractor, and change the location filter as needed.


Managing Exports

To modify the previously scheduled reports, just go back to the same place (three vertical dot icon > schedule delivery) and make your changes.

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