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Dashboard Help Guides

  • Virtual Currency Report | Helpful Tips & FAQs Promoted article

      Description: This article will guide you through the new Virtual Currency Report and common use cases. Key KPI Met...

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  • Validating POS Reporting with Gateway Batching

    Description: Learn how to verify POS reporting in DataNow with gateway batching in Lighthouse Transaction Manager (LT...

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  • Kinesis Configuration Setup

    Kinesis Feed   1. Venuenext's ordering app publishes to a kinesis stream in VN's AWS account.2.  A VN-managed lambda ...

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  • Reconciling DataNow and LTM

    Description: Learn how to reconcile DataNow and Lighthouse Transaction Manager (LTM). If LTM and DataNow do not match...

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  • DataNow Navigation | Helpful Tips

    Description: This article will guide you through the sales reporting structure and basic navigation of DataNow.  Sale...

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  • Tip Reporting | Reference Guide

    TIP REPORT | NEW DATANOW TILE  The new Tip Report tile is located in the F&B Sales tab. This new report gives an all ...

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Dashboard Walkthroughs

  • DataNow Training Webinar. Promoted article

    DataNow Updates & Refresher - Q4 2022

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  • DataNow Devices Dashboard

    Description: This article will cover the Device Monitoring reports and what information they provide. Note the most u...

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  • How to Export Menu Items

    Description: This article will help guide you through how to leverage the Item Config report in DataNow. Export Menu...

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  • Key Field Definitions

    Gross & Net Sales Gross Sales are calculated by taking the sum of all sales + tax + service charges + delivery fees....

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  • How to Check DataNow for Open Orders

    How to Check DataNow for Open Orders   This helpful article will walk through the steps to check for Open Orders in D...

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  • VenueNext Data Dictionary

      Linked is the Data Dictionary. The definition of all fields available in the exports is defined here:  http://data....

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  • How to Set Up an Open Orders Report

    How to Set Up an Open Orders Report   This report will be sent daily to inform you of open orders that need to be clo...

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  • Scheduling Exports

    Description: This article will assist you in creating a daily drop of Export reports in DataNow.    Scheduling Export...

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Accounts & Permissions

  • Requesting Access to DataNow

    Access to the DataNow web app (i.e. requires a special permission that VenueNext must...

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