How to Split Checks in Suites POS

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How to Split Checks in Suites POS


This article will walk through each step of completing orders with a split tender in Suites.


Step 1:


Tap New Order to place an order


Step 2:


Tap the + on the items that need to be added, it will show how many of each item have been added once selected. The left side of the screen will also show the items, quantity, and the price. Either start a tab or select pay now.


Step 3:


If a tab was started, find the order on the main orders page and tap Close Order



Step 4:


Tap Split Payment


Step 5:


Tap with Evenly, Percent, or Custom. Notice the order total appears at the very top of the page as well as the remaining balance due. See Step 6 for a view of Percent and Step 7 for a view of the Custom split. After the type of split is tapped then tap confirm on the top right.


Step 6:


Splitting by Percent


Step 7:


Custom splitting


Step 8:


Tap the payment method, either cash or credit card


Step 9:


If cash is tapped, this page will appear to tap the amount of tender the customer has provided. This page will also provide the amount of change due back to the customer.


Here is an example of the customer providing a $20 bill in cash for a check total of $13.12. The change due back to the customer is $6.88. Tap complete once finished.



Step 10:


Once Complete is tapped this receipt screen will appear. An email can be entered to send a copy of this receipt. It can also be printed.



Step 11:


In order to print the receipt, tap Print Receipt, then select the linked printer


Step 12:


Since this was a split tender order, the above steps will need to be repeated until the balance due is $0. Repeat steps 3 - 10. Notice when the page from step 5 is opened after the first split payment has been made the total on the top is still $26.24 since that was the total check amount, but now the total balance due shows $13.12 because there already was a payment in cash of $13.12 that is displayed on the left side of the screen.



Step 13:


Once the order has been full paid this screen will show $0 in balance due at the top of the page and all split payments made will show on the left side of the screen. Select Close Order.


Step 14:


If a receipt needs to be pulled up again, find the order on the main page under closed orders, tap details. When the screen below appears, tap view receipt.



Step 15:


This prompt will come up to tap which receipt to view:


Step 16:


If the order needs to be re-opened, find the order under closed orders on the main page, tap details, then when this screen comes up, tap Re-Open Order. A prompt will appear and a manager with credentials will need to enter them to proceed.




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