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Full Service POS Homepage


Step 1:

To access the POS, login with the PIN you were provided.

Step 2:

This is the landing page once you are logged in:


Notice at the top . If at any time you get a notification that the orders are out of sync you will receive a toast message that indicates there was an error. When this happens tap sync orders to trigger the system to sync to the network.


Example of Order not in Sync:

Step 4:

Note the top right side of the page where it indicates your network connection;

 = Connected to internet/POS is connected


  = Disconnected from internet/POS is not connected and orders are out of sync


Step 5:

You can see on the top bar on the right that there is a button that says “Show Closed” that you can toggle on and off. When this is GREEN, as it is below, you will see both open and closed orders.

When the button is WHITE, as seen below, you will see open tickets only.

Step 6:

To place an order for a new customer select NEW ORDER

Step 7:
To quickly search for a specific order, select the magnify glass in the upper right-hand corner. Upon selecting the search field will become available at the bottom of the screen. Enter the order number. The screen will jump to the order that matches the number entered. If more than 1 result was found, use the up and down arrows to move between these search results.


Step 7:

To navigate back to the login page select located at the top left of the screen



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