Adding Existing Marketplace Items to Events

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This article will outline how to add an existing Marketplace Global Item to a new OR multiple events.


Step 1:

Go to GLOBAL ITEMS in Marketplace and select the Global Item you wish to add to your event

Step 2:

Once you have selected the Global Item that you wish to add to your new event you will need to add it to the event. If you have a lot of events you will need to scroll down until you locate

Step 3:

Once you have selected SHOW ITEMS BY EVENT. Locate the event you wish to add the item to, events that DO NOT have the item added to it will show

Step 4:

Once has been selected for the event that you wish to connect your Global Item to, you will need to complete ALL of the fields below. This info is used for for REDEMPTION dates and times.

Please remember to mark your item as  or it will not turn on when scheduled.

**The example above shows the item is turned off which means it is NOT available. For this reason, if the item were to be scheduled, when it came time to go live it would not show for redemption.


Step 5:

Once the Item details have been completed, the Sales data must also be completed. The section above lays out the details of when the customer can redeem their item. The Sales data indicates when the item is set to go live in the Marketplace, price point and when the item sale is to conclude. Without this information your item will not go live.

Once all the fields have been completed, select your item details will be updated on the Global Item page and scheduled in the Marketplace.

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