Experiences Marketplace

Configure experiences & digital coupons in the Marketplace


  • Canopy Marketplace Training Webinar Video. Promoted article

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  • Overview & Training Video

    Summary The Experiences Marketplace is where guests can purchase low cost of goods experiential items for upcoming or...

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  • Web vs. SDK

    Differences As of 2021, when on Ordering Web 2.0 there are no differences.    Filtering OrderNext Products In order t...

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  • FAQs

    Why isn’t my experience available to purchase?  If an experience you expect to be on sale isn’t, there are a few thin...

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Canopy Configuration

  • Adding Existing Marketplace Items to Events

    This article will outline how to add an existing Marketplace Global Item to a new OR multiple events.   Step 1: Go to...

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  • Deep linking to a specific marketplace experience

    No disruption in the user experience with a smooth transition from push notification to the following screen, where t...

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  • Creating & Managing Experiences

    Events Canopy > Events > Events Selecting an event is required to purchase an experience, which means events must be ...

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  • Paying for Experiences & Managing Orders

    Payment Credit card or virtual currency (if enabled) can be used to pay for an experience. If virtual currency is ena...

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  • Bulk Creating & Modifying Experiences

    Bulk Creating Experiences Marketplace experiences can now be created in bulk using a CSV upload.  This allows the ven...

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  • Archiving Experiences

    There are two ways to archive experiences that will no longer be used:  Entire global item In Canopy, go to Marketp...

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