Bulk Creating & Modifying Experiences

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Bulk Creating Experiences

Marketplace experiences can now be created in bulk using a CSV upload.  This allows the venue operator to:

  • Dynamically change the price, inventory, or any other data per event
  • Expand on an existing experience for an upcoming season

The steps to do so are:

  • First, a global item must already be created
  • When viewing the individual items/ events the ‘UPLOAD ITEMS’ button will appear, which is how the CSV file can be uploaded
  • A sample CSV template can be downloaded from the same modal
  • The event_uuid can be taken from the Events CSV Download on the Events page


Bulk Modifying Experiences

After the items/ events for an experience exist, they can also be modified with a CSV upload.

  • First, a global item must already exist and have individual items for events created
  • When viewing the individual items/ events the ‘DOWNLOAD ITEMS CSV’ button will appear, which how the data for each item can be downloaded and then changed
  • When modifying the download, do not change the ‘id’ column
  • All other columns can be modified as needed
  • The event name isn’t yet included in this download, but can easily be added with a Events CSV Download and simple VLOOKUP on the event_uuid values


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