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Credit card or virtual currency (if enabled) can be used to pay for an experience. If virtual currency is enabled and selected as the payment method, the following logic is applied:

  • If the user has enough virtual currency to pay for the experience, then that experience amount will be deducted from their balance
  • If the user doesn’t have enough virtual currency to cover the purchase, then the remaining balance will be charged to their credit card


Canopy > Marketplace > Orders

To view and manage experience orders that customers have placed go to Marketplace > Orders within Canopy. A list of orders will be shown.  The status of the order, on the far right, will have one of the following statuses:

  • Purchased - Customer has purchased but not yet redeemed the item.
  • Partially Redeemed - Customer has begun to redeem the item, but redemption is not yet complete.   This would be shown for a continuous-scan item, for example, during an event.
  • Redeemed - Customer has fully redeemed the item.
  • Completed - Customer has redeemed the item and it has passed the expiration date.
  • Refunded - Customer has been refunded for this item (either by venue operator, or self-refund if available).

As the venue operator during the event, you will be focused on the Purchased items - particularly those that are Admin/ No Scan redemption items. These are the items that you will fulfill on behalf of the user (see fulfillment for a description of redemption types).

Clicking on the order number on the left of the line item will bring you to an order detail screen.  The Void/Refund button on the lower left; if there are any problems with redemption or for other reasons, you can refund the user’s purchase here.

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