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No disruption in the user experience with a smooth transition from push notification to the following screen, where the item can be purchased or claimed.

Three pieces of information are needed to construct the deep link to a specific marketplace experience: 

  1. Event ID
    • The event ID can be taken from the event URL in Canopy
    • I.e. the event ID from the following URL is f9902163-1fea-45e3-8b74-dd1894be54b2

  2. Category ID (aka menu ID)
    • The category ID can be taken from the category URL in Canopy
    • I.e. the category ID from the following URL is 3461050f-8db4-45a5-afc5-b26d0642337c

  3. Item ID

The deep link path can then be constructed as follows:

  • magic://vn/order/experience?menuID=3461050f-8db4-45a5-afc5-b26d0642337c&eventID=f9902163-1fea-45e3-8b74-dd1894be54b2&itemID=d9f1ea59-7b30-47a2-987e-44c28c1fcbf4
  • magic:// is the deep link schema configured for the app
  • Note the category ID above is used for the menu ID

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