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Why isn’t my experience available to purchase? 

If an experience you expect to be on sale isn’t, there are a few things to double check:

  1. The event(s) have marketplace set to true as a custom attribute
  2. The available toggle is turned on when viewing the experience for a specific event (Canopy > Marketplace > Global Items > click the name of global item)
  3. The current date is after the on sale start date/time and before the off sale date/ time
  4. There is available inventory
  5. The experience belongs to a category (Canopy > Marketplace > Global Items > click edit for the global item in question)

After checking all of the above and you still have no luck, please email help@venuenext.com.


How is someone designated as a season ticket holder (STH)?


  • For Ticketmaster, a user must belong to a pre-configured Archtics Account Group
  • Account Groups are defined in Ticketmaster Archtics
  • Reference the Tier/ Badge article for further details



  • The ‘custom’ field on the users account must have a predetermined value to denote that they are a STH
  • The value for that field needs to be provided to VenueNext to configure on the backend
  • Only 1 item set can be used



  • Not currently supported


How do I setup discounts?

Currently discounts are not supported, however there are ways to simulate that through the use of exclusivity.  I.e. anyone can purchase a locker room visit for $50 and season ticket holders can purchase it for $30.


How can I sell an experience that isn’t tied to an event?

Currently this isn’t supported, all experiences must be tied to an event.  Typically teams create a shell event at the end of the season, i.e. 2019-2020 Pack Perks.

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