How to create an Approved Offline Orders Alert

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What is an Approved Offline Orders Alert?

This is a configurable alert via email that is created in DataNow. You can choose the conditions that apply but the goal of this alert is to be notified when your venue has outstanding Approved Offline Orders that need to be synced.


How do I create an Approved Offline Orders Alert?

  1. Open your venues DataNow
  2. Open the ‘Device Monitoring’ tab          
  3. Set the ‘Calendar Date’ filter to ‘is in the last 31 days’
  4. Press the ‘Reload’ button to populate the data
  5. Once the data loads, hover over the ‘Approved Offline Orders’ tile
  6. Click on the little bell icon in the top right corner 
  7. You can now configure the alert
    • Enter the title of your alert, we recommend including the Venue name
    • We can recommend the condition: ‘Any Total Orders’ - ‘is greater than’ - ‘1’
  8. Add in your email address
  9. Select the Frequency and Time
  10. Click ‘Save Alert’

Example Alert filters:

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 11.34.02 AM.png

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