Syncing after running a device in 'Offline Only' Mode

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Description: This article will cover how to sync a device after utilizing "Offline Only" mode as well as troubleshooting steps.


Syncing after running a device in 'Offline Only' Mode

  1. After the event is over, switch Payment Processing Mode to Online First
    • Press the hamburger menu, then DEBUG INFO
    • Under the Hardware tab you will see Payment Processing Mode.
    • Toggle this to Online First.
  2. Look in the status bar and confirm you have a network connection
    • You will need a stable network connection to sync the offline orders
    • Confirm you have connection by:
      • Pressing the hamburger menu, then Refresh Configuration
      • If you have a connection, you will see Config refreshed successfully
      • If you don't have a connection, you will see Failed to refresh config
    • Once confirmed you may now sync the offline orders.
      • Navigate to the hamburger menu > Orders > Show Summary > Sync Orders
      • Please allow the device time to sync the offline orders.
      • If the unsynced order counts are not 0, please follow the steps below.

Syncing Troubleshooting

If the device is stuck syncing and the unsynced counts are not changing, please attempt to force stop the VN App. (Only attempt these steps if the device is on a stable network connection).

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. From the home screen, go to Android Settings > Apps. Scroll down, then select VN APP. Press Force Stop, then OK. Go back to the home page and open the VN App.
  3. Login and go to the Device Summary screen and press Sync Orders
    • This will prompt for a fresh sync.
    • If the unsynced counts are still showing, do not clear the VN App Data. Please submit a VenueNext Support Ticket and an agent will help troubleshoot the device with you. 

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