Understanding Stand Visibility

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Understanding Stand Visibility for Express/In-Seat Delivery

This helpful article will walk through the steps to adjust availability for menus. If the visibility is turned off for a menu, then that menu will not display on OrderNext even if the Availability is set to ON (GREEN).


Step 1:

Go to Food and Beverage → Locations.



Step 2:

To update the visibility for EXPRESS pick up menus, select Visibility.

*If visibility is turned OFF the stand will not show on OrderNext nor will

= Showing on OrderNext


= Removed from OrderNext


Step 3:

Adjusting Visibility for In-Seat Delivery, go to F&B → Locations and select the IN-SEAT DELIVERY Service Type (blue hyperlink)


Step 4:

That will open to this page. Be sure that the correct menu is selected from the drop down on the left. The example here is the Delivery menu. Also be sure that General is highlighted in orange as shown below.


Step 5:

Scroll down to the Basic Delivery Settings box. This example shows the Visibility is set to ON (GREEN) if that needs to be turned off, it simply needs to be tapped to turn OFF (RED).


Step 6:

If any changes were made, scroll back to the top of the page and select   on the top right corner to save those changes. Allow for up to 10 minutes for the changes to update.

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