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VenueNext can automatically calculate the wait times for delivery (not used for pickup because the guest can pick up when they are ready). It is based on the pace of the stand in the last ~5 minutes and the number of orders in the queue.

Example: If there have been 5 orders assigned in the last 5 minutes, the pace is 1 order per minute. If there are 10 orders in the queue, the wait time will be ~10 minutes. If you do not use the automated wait time, someone should manually update the wait times.

Canopy Navigation is:

  • F&B Menu → F&B Delivery Wait Time Settings


The settings for the delivery wait time are as follows:

  1. Service Type: Clicking that shows the details of the stand: menus, item availability, sorting, orders for the stand, etc.

  2. Availability: Availability turns the location green/yellow/red. Same as the Location Settings page

  3. Automatically Update the Wait Time Settings: Use the wait time calculation or not. If this is on, the wait time will be updated automatically. If it is off, someone will need to manually update the wait times.

  4. Warning Threshold: When the stands reach a certain wait time, the warning will turn on. This sets guest expectations that the wait may be longer than usual. The warning pulls in the current wait time. The warning text can be adjusted from the “Wait Times” settings at the bottom of the Venue Settings or Location pages.

  5. Availability Off Threshold: When the stands reach a certain wait time, the stand will turn to yellow (no new orders will be accepted) so the location can catch up on existing orders. The location will turn on when the wait time reaches 75% of the shutoff time. So if the threshold to turn off is 60 minutes, the location will turn back on at 45 minutes.

  6. Wait Time: This is the wait time shown to guests. It is updated automatically if the automated wait time settings are on.

  7. Wait Warning: Shows whether the warning is on or off. The warning will turn on automatically if the automatic wait time settings are on and the wait threshold has been passed.

  8. Save: Always click SAVE after making changes

Notes on the example shown in the image above:

  • The wait time starts with the floor of 10 min. It will grow as orders come in and the kitchen gets busy.
  • The wait time grows to 20 min and the warning comes on.
  • Orders come in and the wait time will grow more.
  • The stand shuts off at 60 min wait time.
  • When the stand shuts off, the kitchen works down the queue and wait times become lower.
  • When it reaches ~45 min (75% of shut off time), the location becomes available and guests can place orders. They will still see the warning until the wait time dips below the wait time threshold (20 min)


If you do not want to automatically turn off the location, set the wait time very high (120 min) and it will not reach that threshold. Then turn off manually when desired.

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