Locking/Unlocking Events

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Locking/Unlocking Events

This guide will teach you how and when to Lock and Unlock events.


When you LOCK and UNLOCK events, you are OPENING AND CLOSING events for your attendants to adjust. Events will automatically LOCK at 3:00AM following the event day. So if you have a concert on May 15th, then this event will LOCK on May 16th at 3:00AM.


Note: Once an event is LOCKED you will no longer be able to adjust it.


Step 1:

Log in to the  app. Once you are logged in, it will bring you to the Events page (similar to the example below):

If you select and view any previous events, you will NOT be able to make any adjustments within SMA (Suites Manager App) as these have already been locked.


Step 2:

Click on the event that you wish to LOCK.


Step 3:

To LOCK the event, simply toggle to GREEN

If you are looking at your POS you will see the TAYLOR SWIFT is unlocked;

Toggle to GREEN;


Step 4:

Once the change is made go to the POS login page and select  - which will refresh your events. You must input your POS PIN to access the events. You will not be able to access multiple events at once. The symbol next to the Taylor Swift event below and how the event is greyed out compared to the other two UNLOCKED events.

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