Updating Suites/Customers in Event

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Updating Suites/Customers in Event in Suites Manager APP

After signing into the SMA (Suites Manager App), you will be brought to the Events page (seen below).


Adding/Removing Customers within an Event


Step 1:

Deselect the toggle to show previous events and select the event in which the suite is, that you would like to edit (see example below).



Step 2:

Select the boxes next to the name of the suite(s) you wish to edit and select


Edit the suite in the page seen below.




Step 3:

Once a customer has been added or removed from a suite, click on the black “x” next to “Customer Assignments” to be returned to the suites selection page.


Editing Customer Preferences:

Note: Customer preferences are ONLY available to edit within an event. To change a customer’s default preferences, reach out to the Premium Specialist to update in OMS.


Step 1:

Deselect the toggle to show previous events and select the event which the customer is attending (see example below).


Step 2:

If needed, switch the Attendant/Customer toggle so that “Customer” is green (as seen below).



Step 3:

Select the customer by clicking on the customer name you wish to edit (example below).


Step 4:

The customer page will open and here is where they can be edited for a specific event.

*Discounts are not adjustable in SMA*


Scroll down to view/edit payment options for each menu type. The menu types are: PREORDER, DAY OF EVENT, COFFEE, CORDIAL, DESSERT, and RESTOCK. Please note that if your venue doesn’t have one or more of these menu types, these will not be available to edit.


*Gratuity can be set by per cent or dollar amount*


The Coffee, Cordial, and Dessert sections have an extra field called “Visit” (example below). This field indicates whether or not the customer should be offered the associated menu.


These options include Always, Never, or Upon Request. Upon Request means that this menu should not be made available to the suite unless specifically asked by the host.




When you are finished updating customer preferences, Select “UPDATE” at the bottom of the page.



Customer preferences will show up in the POS (as seen below).



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