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  • A Variant Group is the group of items that are choices within a certain product. The most common is a size of a merchandise item. The base item is a T-Shirt and the variant group consists of Small, Medium, Large and XL sizes. Canopy allows you to create an item and the variants within the item.
  • Variants are all individual items with their own SKU number and can be turned off within the grouping. If you run out of the Medium T-shirt, you can turn the inventory off and the Medium will not appear on the menu.
  • We recommend adding the image for every variant/size to have an image regardless of the items that sell out and are unavailable.
  • Merchandise typically uses Variant Groups and F&B typically use Modifiers for menu items and the behavior differs slightly.
  • Note: Merchandise is only supported for Mobile. It will not work with Kiosk or POS service types.

To Create a Variant Group for Merchandise

  • Go to Global Items
  • Select the VARIANT GROUPS button at the bottom of the page


Click on an existing group to edit and click ADD NEW VARIANT GROUP to create a new one.


  1. The Group Name is the text that will appear in the app to choose a variant. The most common one is "Size" so the sentence will read "Select a Size"
  2. New Group Display Name is the internal name in Canopy to recognize your group. It does not appear in the app. (It would be difficult to distinguish groups that are all named "Size" so this helps that issue)
  3. Items that are added to the group appear above the search box and can be removed by clicking the X.
  4. Search for the items and they will appear in the list below the search box
  5. Add items to the group by clicking the "+" next to the item. Items can only be in one variant group at a time so they will not appear in the search results if they are already in another group.
  6. Once the items have been added, Click CREATE VARIANT GROUP at the bottom to create the group.




7. Click Edit from the main list of groups and a panel will open to the right. Add the Variant Names that you want to appear in the app. 


Go to the Location Menu (Merchandise--Merchandise Locations--> Menu--> Edit Variations) and make sure that each component of the group is turned on/green. You can also sort the group into the order you want the sizes to appear by dragging and dropping from the far right side.



It's always a good idea to check the app to see that the group is appearing properly. 


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