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As of March 30th, 2021

  • The receipt format with larger text & the timer is no longer the default receipt format for QuickPay service types
  • There is now a setting to control which format is used, regardless of service type
  • Reference the Mobile Ordering Receipt Format training article for more details

Offer quick cashless payments for an item

  • QuickPay is the ability to scan a QR code at a vendor location and purchase an item without using cash. It can be Bud Light or any other type of item, but there is only one SKU per QR code and guests can purchase 1 or 2 of that item.
  • Guests tap on the QuickPay link and add their credit card. Once their cc is entered, they scan the QR code at the vendor and then they have a selection of one item or two items. When they choose 1 or 2, they see a confirmation with a timer.
  • The vendor checks their ID before they scan, then allows them to scan. The vendor verifies the counter is within 10 seconds or so (to prevent fraud) and give them the items.


  • Here are the steps to set up a QuickPay location, item and QR code in Canopy
    • Set up a QuickPay Location
    • Set up a new item and add to that location
    • Get the QR code and print for the vendor to keep for scanning
    • The last few slides are sample training materials for the vendor, for troubleshooting and for the QR code sign. Feel free to make your own with your screenshots.

Creating a New Location

This describes setting up a menu/location for your venue. You can edit these settings once they are created.

From the  left navigation, select F&B → Location Management

1. Click the top button to Add New Location

2. Name: Enter the name of the location as it will appear in the app and in Canopy.

3. Description: Optional field

4. Product Type: Choose Food or Merchandise

5. Local Time: Select the local time zone

6. Business End Time: This is the time the orders are settled at the end of the business day. Typically around 4 am.

7. Initial Location Menus: Select the type of menu



Location Identification

8. Merchant Account ID: This will authorize and settle the payment methods

9. If you are using Apple Pay or Android Pay, add the necessary numbers into those fields

10.  If you have a Point of Sale Integration, add the necessary inputs to the fields (RVC, EOSS, etc)

Other Notes

  • If you are not using a POS to settle orders, be sure to talk to our data team to set up reporting for the new locations.
  • If you are using QuickPay and would like to use multiple SKUs and get reporting on them, then use separate locations.


Location Settings

Settings to create your location without a POS integration

No 3rd Party POS Settlement

If you do NOT have a POS integration and are using VN services like Xpedite or QuickPay, here are the settings to bypass the POS Settlement.

8. Go to Location and click on the blue link under the  “Service Type” column for that location

9. Click on the POS tab at the top

10. Disable POS Sync: YES

11. Max Order Amount: The max transaction amount

12. POS Reconciliation: OFF

13. Skip POS Submission: YES

14. State for Skipped Submissions: COMPLETED


Create a New Menu Item

If the item does not already exist in Global Food Items. Here is how to create it.

If you would like to add an item to a menu that does not yet exist and you are NOT using a POS Sync, go to the left navigation menu in Canopy and choose Food & Beverage > Global F&B Items

Scroll to the bottom of the Global F&B Items page and select Create Items

If you are using a POS Sync, add the item in the POS and the menu sync will create the item in the location you specify.


On the Create Items page, there are several fields 

1. Name: Name the item how you want it to appear in Canopy and in the app. It can be edited in the menu later.

2. Price: Add the price. It can be edited later at the location/menu level, but not at the Global level.

3. SKU: Add the SKU you would like to use. It cannot be edited once the item is created.

4. Special Type: Special Type is designed for non-food or non-merchandise items like Service Charges or Delivery Fees.

5. Location: Choose the location where this menu item will appear. You can only choose one stand here, but on the next page, you will see how to add an item to other stands.

6. Location Menu Mappings: Choose the type of service for the location you have selected.

7. Submit: Click Submit when you are finished. Your item will appear in the Global F&B Items page and also in the location you have chosen.


  • If you are using a point of sale integration for items, the menu sync button at the bottom of the Global F&B Items page to sync the items.
  • Go to the Global F&B Items page to finish any setup. Examples: add images, mark as alcohol, set up categories and modifiers.
  • To add your item to more locations, go to Global F&B items and click on the linked name of the item to add to more locations.
  • If you are using QuickPay, the QR generated will list 1 item or 2 items in the app.

Bud Light Quick Pay


QR Codes for QuickPay

Finding and Using a QR code for an item

  • In order to use QuickPay, you will need the QR code from the location you have created.
  • From the navigation, choose F&B→F&B Locations and select your QuickPay location
  • There should only be one item in the location so choose the QR link below that item
  • Print that QR code for the vendor (think about laminating and printing extra copies that are labeled.


Sample Sign at a vendor stand:


Vendor Guide

1. Check ID before Scanning

2. Scan QR code

3. They select 1 or 2 beers

4. They show the confirmation

5. Give them the 1 or 2 beers

  • Download the app and look for Bud Light Quick Pay
  • Mobile Payment Only. No cash. Their card is charged at scan.
  • Only scan when fan is at the front of the line so you see the clock start immediately
  • Keep track of any refunds needed


Bud Light Quick Pay Support


  • Vendor should check ID before scanning
  • Only Scan at the front of the line so the vendor sees the clock start

Payments:  Only credit cards. Not Apple Pay or Visa Pay yet.


  • If their camera does not scan it might need to be enabled
  • iOS: Settings→Choose the App→ Turn Camera On
  • Android: Settings→Applications/Applications Manager→Choose the App→Permissions→Camera


  • On the confirmation page, tap the “Receipt” tab on the right
  • Find their receipt under In-Seat Delivery → My Orders
  • Find the order number
  • Radio it in or write it down and we can refund

Skip the Line with the App

  • Download the (name) App
  • Tap (call to action)
  • Scan the QR code
  • Buy your beer without cash

Screen_Shot_2018-07-30_at_3.42.38_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-07-30_at_3.42.48_PM.png


Video for Setting Up QuickPay


Video Demo of QuickPay at Churchill Downs




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