How to Void an Item

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How to Void an Item

Items without modifiers

Step 1:

If you wish to remove an item that does not have a modifier, such as the “Dasani” in the below example, select the “x” next to the item in the check display.

The item will be removed, and the order will reflect the new details and totals:


Items with modifiers

Step 1:

If there is an item with modifier(s) on the order that needs to be removed first select the “x” next to that item in the check display. If it has a modifier attached to the item, a second box will appear and you will need to select “remove”

In this example, we are removing the “12 oz Soda” with modifier “Diet Coke”. Once the “x” is selected, this screen will pop-up:

Step 3:

Select “Remove” on this pop-up to remove the “12 oz Soda” from the order. once you have selected “Remove”, you will be taken back to this screen and the “12 oz Soda” with modifier will be gone from the order:





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