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Add Modifiers on the POS

 Description: Learn how to select modifiers during the Order Entry process on VenueNext.


Most items on your menu will have modifiers. Modifiers can range from different toppings, salad dressings, or even drink sizes.


  1. Log on to the VenueNext POS system.
  2. Choose an Item.Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.12.06 AM.png
  3. Choose a modifier in this example we will choose ranch dressing. Then select Update.Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.15.55 AM.pngYou will see the modifier added on the left under the item.Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.17.59 AM.png
  4. Check out as normal in this example we will use Cash.Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 11.22.53 AM.png5. Select the hamburger menu (3 lines) and select where to go next. 
    1. Menu
    2. Orders
    3. Configuration
    4. Refresh Config
    5. Sync Network Dara
    6. Debug
    7. LOGOUT

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