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Description: This article covers Mashgin integration within VenueNext.


The VenueNext wallet is integrated with the Mashgin autonomous point of sale.  The integration allows a user to use their mobile device to present a QR code to be scanned on the Mashgin POS during checkout.  This QR code can entitle the user to specific discounts that are applied to the order.  As well as the ability to use Virtual Currency, or a stored credit card to complete a transaction.  The VenueNext wallet is available as an SDK to be integrated into a mobile app, and it is also available via a mobile website that can be accessed directly on the user’s device.

VenueNext Mobile Wallet Flow:



Mashgin Checkout Flow:

The checkout flow when using the VenueNext wallet allows the user to apply their discount, and complete the transaction in one scan.  If the user has Virtual Currency or a credit card on file, the discount and payment for the transaction happens in one scan.


If the user does not have enough Virtual Currency to complete the transaction and does not have a card on file, the remaining amount of the transaction can be paid for using the card reader on the device. 



Discounts can be configured in Mashgin to apply based on the user affiliation data in the VenueNext platform.  VenueNext can grant users an affiliation based on information from the user’s Ticketing data.  Or a list of users can be manually uploaded in Canopy to assign a discount affiliation to a list of users. 


Virtual Currency

VenueNext Virtual Currency can be used to complete a transaction on a Mashgin device using the VenueNext wallet.   Virtual currency can be distributed manually using the VenueNext loyalty platform.  Virtual Currency can also be tied to a user’s ticket.  If the Virtual Currency is tied to the user’s ticket, they can claim that value into their mobile wallet to be used on the Mashgin point of sale.


Stored Credit Card

If the user saves a credit card to their VenueNext wallet, this can be used to complete a transaction.  The stored credit card allows the user to pay for the order in full, or it can be used if the user only has enough Virtual Currency to partially cover the transaction, the remaining amount will be charged the user’s card on file.


Integration Request

To enable this integration reach out to your account manager.  This configuration typically requires 7-10 business days to configure.


Mashgin Support

For any issues regarding discount configuration contact Mashgin Support: 855-475-0889 or email


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