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2024 Product Release Notes (Archive)

  • We've Moved Our Release Notes to LaunchNotes! 🚀 Promoted article

    At VenueNext, we're always looking for ways to enhance our communication and ensure you're up to date with the latest...

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  • 2024 Week 9 (Quick Service POS Hotfix) Release Notes Promoted article

    Quick Service POS v2.30.34-qs   Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, CFD configuration on the A3700 wi...

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  • 2024 Week 9 Release Notes

    Quick Service POS v2.30.31-qs Minimum APK requirements for CFD: 2.13.2   IMPORTANT NOTES: If you notice the “Plea...

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  • 2024 Week 7 Release Notes

    Canopy 2.0   DataNow   New Features & Enhancements Merchant Configurations by Menu now available in Item Config rep...

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  • 2024 Week 5 Release Notes

    Canopy 2.0   Menu Manager v2.27.0 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where business hours would not update properly. The he...

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  • 2024 Week 4 Release Notes

    Canopy 2.0   Loyalty App v1.15.0 New Features & Enhancements Several columns in the bulk CSV uploads will now be ch...

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2023 Product Release Notes (Archive)

  • 2023 Week 50 Release - Suites POS

    EC POS v1.25.3-ec New Features & Enhancements Various performance enhancements Upgraded to React 18, which offers a...

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  • 2023 Week 47 Release

    Canopy 2.0 General App Enhancements Added ‘Access’ as a section in the side navigation to allow easy linking t...

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  • 2023 Week 45 Release

    Canopy 2.0 General Enhancements Redesigned the Canopy login and device registration forms to align with brandi...

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  • 2023 Week 44 Release

    Quick Service POS v2.27.12-qs New Features & Enhancements Device Summary enhancements The sync will now auto...

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  • 2023 Week 42 Release

    Orders App v2.7.0 New Features & Enhancements Orders in the Processing state are now refundable. Note: If an...

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  • 2023 Week 41 Release

    Quick Service POS v2.27.5-qs New Features & Enhancements PAX offline transaction syncing and order state enhan...

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2022 Product Release Notes (Archive)

  • 2022 Week 49 Release

    MOBILEv1.36.2 NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS The Pay Now button at the bottom of the checkout screen (Mobile Order...

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  • 2022 Week 46 Release

    MOBILEv1.34.0NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS Streamlined Rich Checkout UX (Automatically complete Rich Checkout tran...

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  • 2022 Week 37 Release

    QUICK SERVICE POS v2.8.11-qsNEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS: Made improvements to the timing and reliability of the ...

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  • 2022 Week 35 Release

      MOBILE ORDERINGv1.32.14 NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS: New Order Status Webhooks API (example ...

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  • 2022 Week 32 Release

      MOBILE ORDERINGv1.32.7 NEW FEATURES / ENHANCEMENTS: affiliations can be refreshe...

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  • 2022 Week 28 Release

    MOBILE ORDERINGv1.32.0BUG FIXES: Fixed broken deep links to product-type menus (F&B, Merchandise, Marketplace). ...

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