App Setup Information

Information needed for your app development

App Development

  • App Process Overview

    Below will outline the app development process and define what we will need from you along the way.  Step 1: App ...

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  • App Developer Accounts

    Step #1 The first step in building an app is to provide us with your App Developer Accounts; one for iOS (Apple), and...

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  • App Assets

    Step #2 In order to start development of your app, we will need to receive general venue information and branding ass...

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  • Ticketing Access

    Ticketmaster If you are a Ticketmaster client, the Ticketmaster Presence SDK will be integrated into your mobile app ...

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  • Metadata

    Step #4 Metadata is the information displayed when customers go to download your app in the Apple and Google Play sto...

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  • Test Flight & Beta

    Step #5 Once the  initial build of the app is complete, we will move into User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The below wi...

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