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Display Categories are used to group similar items on the POS, Kiosk, and Mobile Ordering. Menu Manager allows you to adjust the sequence of each category and the items contained in each globally. 

When Menu Manager sorting is enabled for your organization, every Display Category and the Items within each will be sorted alphabetically by default. After a user has clicked "Save" for the first time, sort orders will be set on each Display Category and Global Item.

*Note: If you currently see an orange banner at the top of the Display Categories section in Menu Manager, please reach out to support at help@venuenext.com to enable sorting. (Enabling this feature will disable all sorting in Canopy 1.0)

Display Category Attributes


This refers to the internal name assigned to the Display Category, which is used within Canopy and sales reporting.

Display Name

This is the name that customers will see on various interfaces such as the POS, Mobile Ordering, and Self-Checkout menus.

POS Hex Color

You can choose a specific color for each item within a Display Category by entering a Hex color code in this field. If you leave it empty, the POS system will automatically select a color for you. The square to the right of the field provides a preview of how the buttons will appear on the POS with the chosen Hex color. If the "$" symbol within the box is not clearly visible, it may cause difficulty for your cashiers to read the text.

  • Note: To ensure the validity of the Hex code, make sure to include the "#" symbol before entering the code.


This section allows you to choose the items that should be associated with this Display Category. To assign an item, simply check the corresponding box. Items that have been or will be assigned to this category will be marked with a blue checkmark.

Sorting Display Categories and Items

To sort the Display Categories and items, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Canopy 2.0 > Menus > Display Categories

  2. Click on the "Sort" option in the upper right-hand corner.

    • Note: If you find that the "Sort" button is disabled and there is an orange banner displayed at the top of your screen, please reach out to our support team by submitting a support ticket to help@venuenext.com. They will assist you in enabling the sorting feature.

  3. You will see a list of Display Categories. To change the order, click and hold on a Display Category, then drag it to the desired position.

  4. To sort the items within each Display Category, look for the small arrow symbol (carrot icon) located on the right side of each category. Click on the arrow to expand the category.

  5. Within the expanded category, locate the item you want to reposition, then click and drag the item to the desired position within the category.

  6. After arranging the Display Categories and Items to your liking, click on the "Save" button to apply the changes.

Note: Please be aware that the changes you make to the order of categories and items will have a global impact. This means that the new order will be applied to all menus within the selected venue. It is not possible to define separate sort orders for Display Categories and Global Items on a per-menu basis.


If you would like additional assistance, please reach out to us at help@venuenext.com.

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