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This article will take you through creating a new Location for your venue in Canopy. You can edit these settings once they are created.


Step 1

From the left navigation, select F&B → Location Management


Step 2 

Click +Add New Location at the top of the page


Step 3

Location Details 


Name*: Enter the name of the location as it will appear in the app/web and in Canopy.

Description: Optional field, this will be displayed just below the Location name / picture on the app / web

Product Type*: Choose Food or Merchandise

Local Time*: Select the local time zone to the venue


Business End Time*: This is the time the orders are batch settled. This should be set to 3AM. 

Initial Location Menus: Select the type of menu below, are the outlined descriptions of each service for the most commonly used menus types;

   Express Pickup - Place order (app or web), retrieve order from location
   In-Seat Delivery - Place order, order is delivered to seat
   Quick Pay - Scan QR code, place order, show cashier countdown timer on receipt
   Kiosk - Place order on Kiosk device, retrieve order from stand
   POS  - Place order with cashier who inputs order on point of sale device
   Self Checkout  - Scan items and checkout directly on your mobile device


Step 4

Merchant Payment Data


Merchant (Shift4): This will authorize and settle the payment methods. Select an option from the dropdown that matches where you want the funds to settle.

If you do not have any Merchants set up, please follow this article.

Merchant Account ID (Braintree): This will authorize and settle the payment methods. Please contact VenueNext Support to enter this information for you once the Location is created. It is vital to the operation that this field is filled in correctly. Likewise, if you are using Apple Pay or Android Pay, a VenueNext support representative will configure them for you.

**  If no credit card payment options are shown in the cart then this most likely means that no merchant or merchant token is configured for the location.

Step 5

Filter Data - this data will be used to populate a filter for customers to search for locations near them, or in a certain area of the Venue or by cuisine or food type. I.e "show me where I can buy 'Hot Dogs' on 'Level 3'"




Location: This should be used to select where this location is - "Level 3"

Cuisine: This should be used to add the main food types / cuisine which are served here


Step 6

Save your new location by clicking on the 'Create Location' button in the top right corner of the screen




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