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Price Levels offer merchants the ability to perform two key functions:

Enable Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing allows for the definition of different prices for each item based on the scheduled event. When a Price Level is enabled, the POS, Kiosk, and Mobile Ordering surfaces will automatically update to the new pricing after a refresh or a fresh attendant login.

Event-Based Reporting

When creating a Sales Event, a specific Price Level (Sales Event Type) can be assigned to it. In DataNow, event types can be selected to pull reports and group similar events, facilitating more organized and insightful reporting.


Determining Price Levels

Determining appropriate Price Levels involves categorizing events based on their nature and expected demand. Here are a few examples to establish suitable Price Levels:

  • Concert Tier 1: High-profile concerts featuring renowned artists can command top-tier pricing due to significant demand.
  • Concert Tier 2: Mid-level concerts with popular but not top-tier artists might have moderate demand and should be priced accordingly.
  • Concert Tier 3: Lesser-known artists or local bands fall into this category, where lower pricing can attract more attendees.
  • Kids Show: Family-friendly shows geared towards children generally have a different pricing strategy, balancing affordability with profitability.
  • Playoff Game: High-stakes sports events like playoff games often see increased demand, allowing for higher pricing levels.
  • College Basketball: College basketball games can vary in demand based on the teams playing and the significance of the game. Adjust pricing to reflect the expected turnout and excitement surrounding the matchup.

Note: Default item pricing should be considered the "base" price and a Price Level should not be created for this type. For example, the Milwaukee Bucks are the main event type at Fiserv Forum. A Price Level would not be created for "Bucks Games". 


Creating a New Price Level

  1. Navigate to Canopy 2.0 > Menus > Price Levels.
  2. Select the blue [ + ] button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter in the Display Name. This is the name of the Price Level that will display in Canopy and on reporting in DataNow when Sales Event filters are used.
  4. Click Save.

Managing Item Prices

When a Price Level is created for a venue, an additional price input box will appear under Canopy 2.0 > Menus > Items. Operators can enter a specific price for that type of event. If an item does not require a price change when a Price Level is active, the price field can be left blank, and the default price of the item will be utilized. See example below:


Enable and Disable Price Levels

Navigate to Canopy 2.0 > Menus > Price Levels. The toggles next to each Price Level name can be used to enable or disable each level.

Note: Only one Price Level can be activated at any given time. When all Price Levels are disabled, the default pricing on each item will be utilized. 


Troubleshooting Guide

Item(s) are not changing price at all or only some menus are changing price:

  • This normally means that you either have prices set for those specific items at the menu level (currently unsupported).
    • To enforce global item pricing, you can update the default item price by adding a penny, then save, then remove that penny, and save again. This action will push the default pricing down to all of the menus and allow Price Levels to work as intended.
  • Or, you may have multiple items sharing SKUs.
    • To fix this issue, you may update the SKU of the duplicates to a different, unique SKU. Updating a SKU will remove an item image if one is present and will require a new image upload.


Additional Assistance

If you would like to activate Price Levels for your venue for the first time, please reach out to your Enterprise Account Manager. The VenueNext team can assist with exporting all of your current items, check for duplicate SKUs and menu-level pricing, and perform a bulk upload. 


If you have any other questions, please contact VenueNext Support at (888) 276-2108 ext. 4444, email, or reach out to your Enterprise Account Manager.

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