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With Version 2.0.0-qs and higher of the Quick Service POS, there is an updated card payment flow. Instead of the guest adding gratuity and signing on the POS after a card is approved, the guest will need to add gratuity and signature before dipping, swiping or tapping the card. 


The updated flow is:

  • Add items to cart
  • Tap "CARD"


  • This step will vary depending on whether the menu has tipping enabled:
    • If the menu has tipping enabled, the POS will now prompt for tip selection and signature on screen


    • If the menu has tipping disabled AND the order requires a signature, the POS will now prompt the guest to sign on screen


    • If the menu has tipping disabled AND the order does not require a signature, the POS will skip to next step
  • The guest will now see messaging to indicate when the device is connecting to the card reader (Loading Card Reader...) and when the card reader is ready to accept payment (Card Reader Active...). The Card Reader Active message will be displayed up until payment processing is complete.

              Screen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_3.59.41_PM.png Screen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_3.59.49_PM.png

    • A transaction can be cancelled or changed up until the time payment processing begins. To cancel or change payment for a transaction on the Q20 card reader on the E700 device tap the blue back button on the Q20 screen. The guest may now cancel or retry the transaction. 

              IMG_1119.JPG Screen_Shot_2022-03-18_at_4.27.52_PM.png

  • Once payment processing has successfully completed, the POS will redirect the user into the receipt screen   



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