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Fans now have the ability to filter the list of F&B or Merchandise locations/ revenue centers so that they can see what is near them or what they are interested in.  For example, if a fan is sitting near section 100 they can apply a filter to show them the locations that are nearby. 




The filter icon next to the service type dropdown will load the following page so that more filters can be applied:




Supported Filters

  1. Service Types
    • Filter option automatically added based on the available service types configured
    • Options are All, Delivery, or Pickup
  2. Wait Times
    • If any location is configured with a wait time then this option will be presented to the user
  3. Location
    • The location filter is configurable for each location in Canopy by inputting tags
    • In Canopy this can be inputted on the Location Management page
  4. Categories
    • The category filter is also configurable for each location in Canopy by inputting tags
    • In Canopy this can also be inputted on the Location Management page

Location Management

The Location Management page in Canopy is where filter data can be entered, it can be found by:

  1. Going to the F&B or Merchandise Menu on the left
  2. Click Location Management for the appropriate location
  3. Scrolling down to the filter data section


Setting Filters using URL Parameters

Defaults filters can be set by using the following URL parameters:

Filter Type Parameter


No wait times f_nwt



Service Types f_st



Locations f_l https://example.ordernext.com/?f_l=200%20level 
Categories f_c https://example.ordernext.com/?f_c=soda


  • Spaces in location or categories values need to be replaced with %20 (as seen in the locations example above with "200 Level")
  • Multiple values can be provided by separating them with &, i.e. https://example.ordernext.com/?f_c=soda&f_l=200%20level)  

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