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Canopy Steps



Create RVCs if not already created in location management


Create all Global Items (Food & Beverage)


Map Global Items (Food & Beverage) to Each Location 


Create Modifiers


Map Modifiers to All Locations They are Tied To


Create Menu Categories and Add Items

  • Categories (Note: This article is for item categories and the same steps are used for menu categories)
  • All of your Global Items (Food & Beverage) as well as your Modifiers will get mapped to Menu Categories

Create Item Categories and Add Items


Create Modifier Categories 

  • Steps 5-8
  • Customer Display Name is what shows on ON, Canopy Display Name is what shows internally

Map Modifiers to Modifier Categories


Map Modifier Category to Global Items (Food & Beverage)


Mark Alcoholic Beverages

  • On the Global Items page (Food & Beverage) check the 21+ Box for any alcoholic beverage item
  • Don’t forget to select update

Verify that everything is displaying on OrderNext

  • Navigate to the OrderNext URL or POS/Kiosk Menu
  • Click through each location
  • Ensure items are appearing
  • Ensure modifiers are appearing

Setup Taxes


Set FM Settings


Place a Test Order at Each Location

  • Are taxes properly displayed?
  • Is tipping properly configured?
  • Does an order process with a credit card?
    • Does the correct DBA name appear on your bank statement?
  • Does an order process with Apple Pay? (This must be tested on an iOS mobile device)
  • Enroll in text notifications
    • Did you receive an enrollment text?
    • Move the order to bumped in Canopy under F&B orders
    • Did you receive the bumped state text and does it have the correct verbiage for the location type?
  • Move the order to ‘Completed’ in Canopy
    • Did you receive an email that your order is completed?
    • Does the email display the proper venue name?

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