How to Adjust Item Availability

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How to Adjust Item Visibility


If you find an item is not showing on a menu or if there is a need to turn an item off in a specific menu, follow these steps.


Step 1:

Navigate to Locations and locate the menu that the item lives in.


Step 2:

Select the MENU name, from here you will need to choose the menu you are updating from the drop down menu

Step 3:

Search for the item in the search bar


Step 4:

Toggle availability based on business needs. Keep in mind that if you have more than one menu (i.e. Kiosk, Express and POS) for the location you will need to do this in each menu. If you are in operation, we recommend using the STATUS APP to action these types of changes quicker. Hit UPDATE once actioned to save and apply changes.




**DISCLAIMER: When toggling item availability avoid moving the item to UNAVAILABLE (RED). This will CANCEL (VOID) the item from OPEN orders.

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