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Canopy usage is driven by sets of permissions that are bundled into roles. Then a user gets an account with the role that they need. You can designate the marketing team to only see event creation and have the F&B staff only see the permissions they need to manage the menus.


Creating/Editing a Role

Go to Canopy and select ACCOUNTS --> ROLES

You will see the existing roles and permissions



To edit a role, click on the name of the role

Click on the top button to create a NEW ROLE

1. Choose a name for the role in the text field

2. Click SAVE ROLE at the right

3. To add permissions to that role, select “Permissions” at the top of the tab.

4. Select the permission category and open it with the arrows

5. Select the Read or Edit permissions in the columns. To select all permissions in an area, click the top box and all the permission will fill

6. Click SAVE ROLE and the permissions will be saved in that role





Creating an Account

To create a new account, go to Canopy and select ACCOUNTS --> ALL ACCOUNTS

7. Select CREATE USER from the top of the list of accounts


8. To import multiple accounts, click IMPORT ACCOUNTS and follow the formatting instructions for your CSV file

9. After clicking CREATE USER, fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email




10. Add the venue, location and role at the bottom from drop down lists. The permissions from the role you select will be granted to the account you create. In order to have Xpedite permissions, you MUST select a location for the role


Here is a video describing Roles and Accounts











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