How to Get a Device Out of Kiosk Mode

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Jaclyn Hope Gilkey
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If your device is in Kiosk Mode, below are the steps to get it back in to POS mode OR switch/add menus.


Step 1:

Select “Order Now” on the Kiosk Screen


Step 2:

Once you are in the menu, tap on the Revenue Center name 7 times or until you are prompted for the PIN


Step 3:

Input the PIN - 100710 and select PROCEED


Step 4:

From here you will be brought to the configuration screen, select KIOSK to change/add KIOSK menus. To get the device back into POS mode, select CONCESSIONS POS and choose your menu. You can choose more than one menu to be displayed on the kiosk by tapping the menu name (the menu selection will show green) and selecting next. You can tap the menu to deselect menus as well.

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