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App Deep Linking

Apps powered by VenueNext support deep linking to specific screens in the app. Any route that can be configured in Flamelink can also be used for deep linking. For all deep linking, you will need to gather two things:

  • The vnx deep link scheme for your app
  • The app route for the the screen you would like to deep link to

All routes can be found in our Flamelink Configuration documentation. If you need assistance gathering the route or the vnx deep link scheme, please reach out to your VenueNext representative.

Once gathered, you will be able to follow along with this article to create deep links either for a Localytics Push or other media.

Localytics Push Notifications

Create the Push Message

To deep link from a Localytics Push message, a Message first needs to be created. To create a new message, hover over the Messaging option in the left sidebar of your Localytics Dashboard. While hovering, a Create New button will appear. Select the Create New button.

After selecting Create New, a pop up modal will appear. Select Push.

Step through the next few screens, setting up the goal and audience as desired, until you get to the Creatives section.

In the Creatives section, fill out the information such as title, subtitle, message, and other values as desired. For deep linking to work, ensure Deep Linking is toggled ON.

A URL field will appear for the deep link.

Create the URL

At this point, you will need the vnx deep link scheme and desired route gathered earlier. In this example, we will assume our vnx deep link scheme is vnxexampleapp, and we want to route to the Tickets screen.

Using this information, we can build the correct deep link URL. First, find the route for our desired screen in the Item Actions section of the Flamelink Configuration. For this example, the Flamelink route for the ticket screen is vn:tickets.

To create a deep link from a Flamelink route, you will need to replace the vn: part of the route with your vnx deep link scheme + ://. For example, since this route is vn:tickets and our example vnx deep link scheme is vnxexampleapp, the URL needed for deep linking is vnxexample://tickets.

Complete the Message Creation

Type this URL into the URL field in Localytics.

Step through the rest of the Message creation steps, setting the scheduling and confirming the desired information for the message.

This message is now ready to be sent out to the configured audience and will deep link directly to the desired screen when the user interacts with it.

Other Media (SMS, Email, etc.)

To deep link from other media, follow the instructions listed in the Create the URL section above to create your URL (for example, vnxexample://tickets). This URL can be sent to users via your desired media to deep link to a specific screen in the app.

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