Manually Applying One or More Discounts to a POS Order (QS & FS)

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Once a discount has been configured in Canopy, it can be manually applied to an order on the POS. A discount must be configured with the following criteria to be available for manual application on the POS:

  • Included Affiliations = Public (all)
  • Redemption Method = Manual (promo)
    • There must also be a promo code configured for this setting, but the promo code does not have to be entered in the POS in order to be applied.


Applying a Discount

If there are available discounts, you will see a Discount button during the checkout flow.


Quick Service (QS) POS

Discount button will appear in the cart after adding one or more items:




Full Service (FS) POS

Discount button will appear in the Pay Now / Close Order modals:


Screen_Shot_2021-10-13_at_12.43.14_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-10-13_at_12.43.27_PM.png


After tapping Discount, you will see a list of all active promotions and discounts for your organization. 



Select one or more discounts to be applied and tap Submit.



At anytime prior to closing an order, you can tap the Discount button to update the selected discounts to be applied.



Discounts will be applied based on the rules configured for each discount or promotion selected (priority, stackability, menu and item eligibility, etc.) and will be reflected in the total in the checkout screen and on the customer's final receipt.





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