Duplicating Existing Menus for New Service Types

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Duplicating Existing Menus for New Service Types


The following article will walk you through duplicating an existing menu for a new service type in a single location. **You are not able to duplicate a menu from one location to another.


Step 1:

Go to F&B > Location Management and select the location who’s menu you wish to duplicate



Step 2:

Select Create Location Menu at the top left hand corner of the page.



Step 3:

Choose the menu type you wish to add and the menu you wish to duplicate the items from for this new service type. Select CREATE LOCATION MENU once all of the fields have been completed.

EX: If you are adding a Kiosk menu, select KIOSK to be added and EXPRESS for the menu that the items will be replicated from.

Step 4:

The location will be added with the items from the selected menu. Go to Locations to update/review the settings for the menu once this has been completed.



Select the service type KIOSK and select KIOSK from the drop down menu to access the KIOSK menu settings.


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