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How to Create a Canopy Account


This document will detail the process of creating Canopy accounts. Please note, org admins are the only users who can create a Canopy account.


Step 1:

Navigate to AccountsAll Accounts


Step 2:




Step 3:

Fill in the User First and Last Name, Email, Organization, Venue, Location and Role fields at the bottom of the page are used to assign the permissions for the user



Step 4:

Start with the Organization drop down box and choose the applicable org. Next, choose the Venue. Please note, choosing a specific venue limits that users access to the selected venue but choosing All Venues will give the user access to all venues within the organization


Step 5:

Next, choose the Location the user requires access to. Again, please note, choosing a specific location limits that users access to the selected location but choosing All Locations will give the user access to all locations within the venue


Step 6:

Choose the Role to assign to the user. If Roles are not configured please create the role by following the steps outlined here: Permissions, Roles and Accounts


Step 7:

Once all fields have been edited the Role will be displayed above the drop down boxes, click SAVE to complete the Role assignment.

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