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Locations (F&B) - Main Tab

This article will walk through the elements of the Locations landing page under F&B and what settings can be adjusted here.


Step 1:

From the left Canopy navigation, choose F&B → Locations F_B_Locations_-_Main_Tab_-_Step_1.png


Step 2:

See the list of locations and service types. Someone with lower permissions will only see the locations they are allowed to see.



Step 3:

This search bar allows you to easily find a location when there are several listed below



Step 4:

Locations are listed in the far left column. It is expected to see a location name more than once, if a location has multiple menus configured.



Step 5:

Service Types appear in the middle column. The service types currently supported by VenueNext are: Kiosk, QuickPay, POS, In-Seat, and Express Pickup. Pickup and Delivery have slightly different settings.


When the blue hyperlinks in the
SERVICE TYPE column are selected, it will open up to where adjustments can be made to that location’s Images, name, hours, settings, etc.


Step 6:

The MENU column on the right has blue hyperlinks that will open to the menu’s details for each location listed. This is where menu item prices can be adjusted for the specific menu as well as where categories and items can be sorted. 



Step 7:

There are three states of availability for locations and items. Those are colored coded as the following:

GREEN - Available: Open for all new orders and existing orders to be fulfilled

YELLOW - Off for new orders: No new orders will be accepted, but existing orders will be fulfilled. This will allow time to catch up on orders and restock items that are running low.

RED- Off for all Orders: ALL existing orders will be canceled and refunded. New orders will not be accepted. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN GOING TO RED. Save this for emergencies, as an accidental change to RED could result in loss of revenue for products given out.

The image below shows that the availability for all the locations here is set to GREEN. The bar on the right shows us that the availability for the specific Menu: Fan Zone Sports Bar: Express Pickup is set to GREEN.


Step 8:

Crowdedness: Indicates the walk-up line length of the location. Manually adjusted.


Step 9:

Visibility determines whether the location appears in the app. This is different from availability because the location won’t appear at all in the app. Click in the gray area near any non POS menu (not the blue hyperlink) to enable/disable the visibility. Please note that this change can take up to two minutes to update on OrderNext.


Step 10:

Wait Warning: Turned on to set guest expectations that orders are taking longer than usual. Manually turned on for Pickup and can be automated for Delivery.


Step 11:

Auto-Update Wait Time uses an algorithm to estimate the wait time for delivery. Once the algorithm is turned on, the wait times will adjust. There are 3 thresholds for the wait times

Wait Time in Minutes: This is the wait time that shows to guests. The time adjusts during the course of the game but will not show lower than the initial time that is set.

Wait Time Threshold Warning: When the wait time meets this threshold, the warning turns on to warn guests they need to wait longer than expected.

Wait Time Threshold Availability Off: This threshold turns off the new orders. When the time goes back down to 70% of the threshold, the location will turn on again.

Remember to Click SAVE when a setting is updated



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