Refunds in Canopy for F&B or Merchandise

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Refunds in Canopy for F&B or Merchandise

This article will walk through the steps to refund an item in F&B or Merchandise.


Step 1:

From the main orders page (F&B → Orders or Merch → Orders) select DETAILS to view the full page of order details.



Step 2:

Scroll down to see the Line Items Invoice for your order.


Step 3:

Select button to refund by line item or by entire order

Click the START REFUND Button

  • If the order is not yet closed, you can refund by line items
  • If the order is closed but the payment provider has not yet settled, you can refund the entire order but not line items
  • After the order has settled with the payment provider, you can refund line items 

Step 4:

Check the boxes for the items that need to be cancelled or refunded

Notice as items are checked, the refund amount on the right adjusts accordingly


Step 5:

Scroll down and select 

Step 6:

Notice the “Success!” toast message once completed

Step 7:

Go back into the same order details and notice that now the item that was canceled/refunded will show highlighted in red. The total remaining balance will be updated to reflect the amount less the refunded/canceled item. For this example, the previous total was $31 and now it is $28.

Step 8:

Follow the same steps as above to refund/cancel the remaining items

Notice that the first item was canceled as the transaction had not yet settled, but the remaining items were refunded since they had already settled at the time of the refund.

The items that are refunded will be highlighted in red and the notes to the right will say refunded.

  • The tax for those items will be refunded also.
  • The guest will receive an email that those items have been refunded.

To learn more about Order Details reference 40:02 of this video


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