How to Check DataNow for Open Orders

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How to Check DataNow for Open Orders


This helpful article will walk through the steps to check for Open Orders in DataNow


Step 1:

In order to check for Open Orders in DataNow go to the filter section on the top left under F&B


Step 2:

It will default to search for TODAY, if you are looking to search from a prior event, change the date to reflect that time or time frame by using the filters.


Step 3:

Adjust the Order States.  Select the x to remove Completed, Delivered Without Alcohol, Partially Refunded and Refunded. Type in Bumped, tabbed and Processing. See our article on order states for further clarification on order states: Understanding Order States


Step 4:

Select RUN on the top right side, 


Step 5:

Minimize the filters section and check the outstanding orders.

**In this example there are 57 open orders. The number in the Orders box is a hyperlink which will open to a page that can be exported when selected.



Step 6:

Here you will see the details of the open orders (Order Number, Email Addresses of Users and Location).

To access the order directly, select the Confirmation number and follow the link to Canopy. Users can download this information by selecting Download Results.

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