Understanding Order States

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Understanding Order States


This Document will help you better understand the meaning of each order state in the F&B Orders section of Canopy. 


Order States:

In the F&B Orders section in canopy, each order is color coordinated with a specific state identified. Below is an overview of where this information comes from and what each state means:

1: Location Name

The information here shows you the location name and the type of location underneath. For each of these examples they are Express Pickup locations.

2: Time Since Created

This lets you know how long it has been since the order was originally created.

3. Customer Name

If the customer has entered their name it will appear here.

4. Order State

This column shows the state the order is in, we will describe each state a little lower.

5. Details

Each order in this column has a hyperlink if you click on the phrase “details”  it will open up another page with more detailed information about the order.



6. Refunded (White Box)

This order has been refunded.

7. Completed (Orange Box)

Payment was authorized, the kitchen received the order and completed it.

8. Cancelled (Red Box)

This order was unable to be completed and was canceled. The card will not be charged.

9. Processing (Green Box)

This order was received by the kitchen and the order is being prepared.

10. Authorization Failed (Pink Box)

The customer’s form of payment could not be authorized. They must try another form of payment or contact their bank. Order number will not be generated

11. Tabbed (White Box)

Open Full Service POS order, orders that are created but not immediately closed on Full Service POS will be in a tabbed state.

12. Completion Pending (White Box)

Event Catering POS and Full Service POS orders that have been closed. Orders in Completion Pending will remain in this state until sales are settled at the end of the business day. Once settled they will move to Completed.

13. Not Collected (White Box)

Selected on Xpedite when a customer fails to come collect their order. The customer is still charged for the orders placed in this state.

14. Submitted (Green Box)

An order will remain in this state if there is an interruption during the payment process prior to capturing payment details. This is most commonly due to a device reboot.

15. Submission failed (Pink Box)

The card reader error message presents the user with the option to Retry or Cancel

  • Tap Retry - User is prompted to re-enter their credit card. Order will update to the next state if successful. Note: The order number in Canopy will show the original order number, while the order number on the POS and the invoice number will be incremented by one (i.e. order number in Canopy will be 100001, but 100002 on the POS; invoice number will be 5555100002)
  • Tap Cancel (or Back button) - User is returned to the previous screen. Current order will remain in Submission Failed and a new order will be created once the user re-activates the card reader.







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